Welcome to E-Tec Interconnect UK

E-tec design and manufacture an extensive range of industry standard and application specific interconnect solutions.

Welcome to E-tec Interconnect UK

E-tec UK produce many custom specific products, including package converters, pinned daughter boards, non standard sockets with special pitches and sockets in high temp FR4 or polyimide insulators.

Latest Products

E-tec manufacture IC socket package adaptors

High quality IC socket adaptors to solve obsolete package problems

LED Connectors
  • Available in 2.40mm and 4.00mm pitch with 1, 2 and 3 poles.
  • Low profile design ideal for shadow reducing and space saving.
  • Very easy connection by simply sliding the button!
  • In addition to LED, many more applications are possible.
E-tec Socketing Solutions for BGA, CGA, CSP, MLF & Gullwing chips

Download our product PDF above for more information about this range.